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Hypnosis has been used as a tool for positive change and healing for thousands of years.In modern times, the use of hypnosis as a therapeutic tool has become widespread and has also been subjected to intense scientific research.

Hypnotic practice of new skills can also increase skill as much, if not more, than actual practice.

Their levels of T- and B-cells (special defense cells) were measured.

Those who had received hypnotic suggestions showed significant increases in their levels of protective cells and also to quickly and comfortably cure phobias.

About half the children received self-hypnosis training while the other half received routine care, which included a preparation session with a recreational therapist who taught some breathing techniques.

The group who were taught self-hypnosis reported much less anxiety and the examinations in their group even took less time.

At the hypnotherapy site I co-founded, our downloads always include important non-hypnotic elements that, combined with the hypnosis, make the overall effect more powerful.

Anyone who uses hypnosis to help people needs to keep up to date in all areas of psychology.It’s a shame that hypnosis has become more widely understood as ‘entertainment’ than as the powerful tool it is to change mood, overcome psychological problems and ease – and sometimes even cure – many physical problems.Hypnosis is also a wonderful way to maximize performance in any field.This research shows how stress can be greatly diminished using hypnosis.Procrastination, fear of success and even plain laziness or lack of motivation for whatever reason, can all be helped immensely by hypnosis when it is used well.Hypnosis can be used to improve an already good sex life into a great one or to overcome many of the common sexual problems such as impotence, lack of libido (in both men and women), premature ejaculation and sexual inhibition.

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