Dating an ambitious guy

23-Nov-2017 13:53 by 8 Comments

Dating an ambitious guy - updating vcenter vds data

Among the straight, ambitious, and unattached, Lauren’s story is familiar. They can’t find a guy who’s comfortable with all that awesomeness.

Hyper-ambitious women need love and support as much as content or lazy people, and even though she might not ask for it, she needs you to root for her, and to sometimes make her coffee in the morning when she's in too much of a rush to do it herself (which are things she'd do for you without blinking when the tables are turned).

Being an "ambitious woman" still has a lot of stigma attached to it.

It has negative connotations, like mean, emotionally unavailable, or the ever-dreaded "bossy".

So rather than ask for her number, he’ll walk away.

Not to let guys off the hook but much of this stuff is deeply ingrained.

If you happen to fall for a particularly ambitious woman, it doesn't mean you need to act differently or change who you are to woo her, but if you're needy, self-centered, cripplingly insecure or jealous, you might want to rethink dating an ambitious woman.

Ambitious women generally don't have time to play games or pander to someone else's ego, so here are some things to know if you're going to embrace your love for an ambitious woman: If you're a man, don't stress too hard: ambitious women aren't ambitious because they're trying to make you feel bad about yourself.

While love can be fulfilling, an ambitious woman also needs to be bettering herself to feel well-rounded and meaningful.

Ambitious women aren't all emotional wrecks like every rom-com would have you believe. Sure, if you had plans together, you can be disappointed, but don't lay on the guilt about it. Just because she's got other ambitions, it doesn't mean she doesn't also want to see you as much as possible, and it doesn't mean she doesn't feel bad about it when she can't.

I know this will be hard to hear but not everything women do is about men.

They're ambitious for more personal reasons than that, so don't give yourself too much credit, and definitely don't make everything she does career-wise about you.

Her pride works against her when it prevents her from reaching out to others for help, but is admirable where she does her work meticulously and confidently.