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He has always taken my concerns seriously and either prescribed adequate treatment or referred me to a specialist. I have had him give me two totally different answers for the same concerns, unsure about basics such as when infants can be immunized, often leaving me feeling confused and wondering if I should be concerned or not?

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90% of what I told went to see him about was left unreported by him.

Even the medications he prescribed me were incorrect.

I was rear ended at a high speed and have severe jaw joint and nerve damage.

He completely disregarded the fact that I had no feeling in half of my face and throat and was having a hard time swallowing even water.

He wanted to give me a pile of pain killers even after I told him I do not like taking pain killers, he eventually prescribed muscle relaxants, but failed to add that into the report.

Now I have to go through the even bigger hassle of doctor negligence. seems to him a full physical only includes a PAP test.....

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I am very sorry to say that, after seeing Dr Siddique for years, I do not feel welcome at his clinic anymore and I have decided to go somewhere else.

I've been feeling judged since I've said that I was pregnant, he did not give me any information about pregnancy, nor the handbooks provided by AHS, he simply sent me away after saying "book a dating ultrasound and come back a week after for a pregnancy physical". He never told me what were my options: seeing him, going to a low risk clinic or seeing a figure it all out by myself.

I eventually had to switch to a women's clinic for physicals, and he's never followed up or mentioned that I am due for one or that my last results with him were irregular (pre screening for cervical cancer....thanks for ignoring that one Dr).

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