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Dating website for vegetarians - christian military dating websites

If women refuse semen in the mouth, the couple might try condom-covered fellatio. However, many women cite specific reasons why they disdain semen orally. Urologists generally say men can't modify the taste of semen. D., of the University of Illinois, "the composition of seminal fluid is constant because it includes a precise mixture of components necessary to support sperm." If its composition is constant, its taste must be, too. • Sodium bicarbonate, an alkaline compound that protect sperm from the slightly acid environment of the vagina. • A several minerals: magnesium, phosphorus, potassium--and zinc, which gives semen its odd, metallic taste. He gave his answer, but even if he knew from experience, there would be nothing in that warranting suspicion since there is nothing wrong with it (only right, oh so right - jk). Women need not fear injury from the force of ejaculation.

My husband is better able to maintain his erection during our continued lovemaking as he has less of an urge to ejaculate. For the first time in many years, I find that the odor and taste keep me from enjoying the pleasure of blowing my man. recently found a product that actually masks the taste associated with orals sex (and more specifically semen) for 15-20 minutes. my wife has tried it, and it does exactly what it says it is supposed to...Meanwhile, foods reported to foul the taste include Sprinkle's list and others: meats, dairy, deep fried foods, coffee, alcohol, and asparagus (which makes sense because of its well-known ability to alter the aroma of urine), plus one nonfood item, cigarettes. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate people that think like you do.While there's no authoritative research on this subject, the foods that sweeten semen--fruits and vegetables--are good for health, while most of those that spoil it are risk factors for heart disease and cancer. If a man would rather not change his diet, or if diet changes don't provide sufficient taste enhancement, any foulness can be masked. Thank you for not only bringing light to the matter, but for also being a benign and open-minded individual.Many women are happy to have lovers ejaculate in their mouths and swallow the semen. If women object to accepting semen orally, men should respect their wishes. Having a man come in your mouth feels like biting down on a cherry tomato.No one should ever feel pressured or coerced in lovemaking. As for improving semen's taste, my extensive search of the medical literature and the Internet show no studies--but no shortage of opinions. I think you were jokingly suggesting at a humorous situation in which an ostensibly straight guy let slip that he knew very specifically what another man ejaculating into one's mouth felt like. But as you can see I'm sure, it also hits a homophobic register as it implies that he would necessarily want to hide it if he had engaged in gay oral sex.My wife and I enjoy a very happy and healthy sex life, and we both enjoy the intamacy of giving and recieving oral sex.

Hello, I agree that foods and medicine change the taste of sperm.

Speaking as a gay guy I can testify that, although my fondness for giving and receiving head is equal, sometimes the taste of it makes me gag. It is fantastic to explore your partners body and help feel pleasure that they might not ever feel through intercourse.

I find it funny that this only seems to occur from the time one reaches adulthood because when I was sucking dick as a teen the other guys seemed to have sweeter tasting cum. Most women can't get off just having sex, they need other stimulation.

my boyfriend lightened his sodium intake to make fellatio more enjoyable for me... does anyone else experience heartburn after swallowing semen? - but if he goes down on you until you cum - fair is fair. but reports greatest differences of taste based on a prescription that I quickly changed ...

something I appreciate, though it's a long-time habit of reaching for the salt-shaker. It's always been an aftereffect for me, which seems odd considering semen's alkalinity. I have been married for over thirty years and have learned to swallow my husband's semen. Add to this the purported benefit of positive contact with a lover's semen (whether or not swallowed) and the vitamins and minerals ..

While providing fellatio, women might suck on peppermint or wintergreen lifesavers. For women who are being pressured to swallow semen against their will, I have an idea for you -- suggest a compromise. In fact there is some evidence out there that the demeaning aspect of it to the woman is part of the erotic thrill for some men.