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Two members of Penn State’s board of trustees, Anthony Lubrano and Bill Oldsey, attended the hearing. But a hot body is nothing without someone to feel it up, right? Here are our Top 5 bachelors for the newly single Minki to choose from.

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Still, Scicchitano said, Young, as the fraternity’s president, had culpability in the hazing ritual.

“He had total authority to stop all this,” the detective testified.

Only the next morning did they seek medical attention. His death — and the unusual charges against the fraternity members — has ignited a new level of scrutiny in regard to reckless college drinking.

Scicchitano also testified that one frat member, Gary Di Bileo, 21, of Scranton, told police he and member Greg Rizzo said aloud after Piazza’s first fall that they should call 911.

— Lawyers for the Pennsylvania State University fraternity members accused in the hazing death of Tim Piazza tried to chip away at the case Monday, raising questions about the charges, who isn’t being held accountable, and whether anyone “forced” the 19-year-old pledge to consume a lethal amount of alcohol. The questions came as a district judge resumed the preliminary hearing to determine if Beta Theta Pi members charged in Piazza’s Feb.

” lawyer Frank Fina asked State College Police Detective David Scicchitano.

He also raised new questions about Tim Bream, the 56-year-old head athletic trainer for Penn State’s football team, who lived in the house and served as an adviser to the fraternity.

Fina referred to a text message from fraternity member Ed Gilmartin III to member Lars Kenyon, which noted that it was “Tim’s idea” to delete Group Me chat groups about the night of the deadly bid party to prevent them from being captured and leaked to the media.

“He didn’t.” During his cross-examination, Fina also appeared to point the finger at others who may have had a part in Piazza’s death.

He questioned the role of two “social checkers” who were hired by the Interfraternity Council as part of routine monitoring and were in the Beta Theta Pi house within nine minutes of Piazza’s first fall.

We know Minki's got a thing for the upwardly mobile... These two were like SA's Posh and Becks, and even though Graeme is involved now, we're sure he wouldn't mind comforting his old flame through this tough time. Here are some suggestions for her next relationship.

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