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Hero images: Since vision is the strongest human sense, HD hero images are one of the fastest ways to grab a user’s attention Navigation and menus (nonscrolling) Hidden navigation menus have become increasingly popular, especially as they can be used to save screen space.Responsive web design has become incredibly popular in recent years thanks to the rise of mobile internet usage.

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Trends in web design, like fashion trends, come and go.

Web Application Development (WAD) produces unique software applications that people use for websites, desktops, CMS, KMS, Intranet and Extranet.

Maastrix’s Web Applications Development service allows you to build customized applications for different needs, such as Web Development, Business Automation, Travel portal, Transportation and Logistics, Social Media, tender portal and Online Web Business, stores or e Commerce.

Web design for you to attract cloud of clients Your business is starving. You need to keep your business going and you enjoy the freedom that comes with working for yourself.

You loved that and you have the control of your future. Attract your design so they do not have any option to choose another one.

Trends are nothing more than additional tools in your designer toolbox. Web design is a multidisciplinary pursuit that consists of five primary components: content, visuals, technology, delivery, and purpose.

Striking a fine balance between form and function, user and designer, content and task, and convention and innovation is the lofty goal of the Web designer.Proliferation of UI Patterns One of the side effects of responsive design has meant that a lot of sites look similar. The rise of Word Press sites and the booming theme market also have a hand in it.The hamburger menu: While some criticize this pattern’s use, there’s no doubt that it’s widespread use makes the function easily recognizable for users.But there’s something all of them struggle with consistently: Marketing.Maybe they’re okay at marketing and they’re generating leads but they struggle to turn that interest into money.Sometimes trends are dictated by necessity (like responsive design).

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