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University employees who are victims of domestic violence (which includes relationship violence), stalking, or sexual assault may request time away from work or a modified work schedule to make arrangements for personal safety, legal proceedings, or to obtain medical, legal, or counseling services in accordance with Administrative Policy Statement 11.7, Policy on Domestic Violence in the Workplace and Leave Related to Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking.

Safety Planning When the University is notified of an allegation of domestic violence, relationship violence, stalking or sexual assault, the University can assist individuals by implementing safety measures, such as issuing no-contact directives, arranging for housing, academic and work accommodations, and/or providing assistance with transportation planning.

Medical Care and Preserving Evidence Information will also be provided about University and community options for medical care, including how to obtain a Sexual Assault Nurse Examination (SANE) by a trained medical professional.

Information about the importance of preserving evidence is available from the confidential support offices.

31, Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action, and Chapter 478-121 WAC, Student Conduct Code for the University of Washington.

Depending on the circumstances, each or all policies may apply.

The University prohibits the following behavior by members of the University community including students, employees, and members of the public when the University determines that an individual's behavior affects a University interest: The University also prohibits retaliation against any individual who seeks resources, makes a referral, reports concerns, or who cooperates with or participates in any investigation of allegations of violations of this policy, or who is perceived to have engaged in any of these actions.

Discrimination or harassment based on protected class statuses, including sexual harassment, are addressed by Executive Order No.The University is committed to providing prevention and awareness programs to students and employees relating to domestic violence, relationship violence, stalking, and sexual assault.These include primary prevention and awareness programs directed at incoming students and new employees and ongoing prevention and awareness campaigns directed at students and employees.The confidential support offices can provide information about and assistance with reporting incidents to the University or to local law enforcement, including the University of Washington Police Department.Individuals also have the option to decline to make a report.The following is general information about investigations of alleged violations of this policy: Training for Investigators and Adjudicators The individuals who conduct University investigations or participate in University hearings receive, at a minimum, annual training on the issues related to domestic violence, relationship violence, stalking, sexual assault, and retaliation and on conducting investigations and hearings that fosters safety, equitable treatment of the parties, and that promote accountability.

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