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I read a short story once, many years ago, that purported to tell a story of a hotel guest witnessing the apparition but I cannot recall the name of the book it was in.

Enoch Square and there is a fantastic picture showing the demolition of some small structures in the Square where St. The man in the shop has been there for over 30 years but he did not know what the structures were. Regards, Scott During my student days, I got temp job assisting a security guard who was employed to oversee the car park (I think) on the then closed railway station platforms, circa 1968.

He thought it was the 1930s, so his assumption that they were air raid shelters but these did not come until later. If not, you might want to visit the shop to have a look. During one evening I wondered through the disused part of the station buildings only to find long since abandoned offices and storage rooms (one or two levels below the platforms) wherein railway schedules dating back to the late 1890s were in abundance.

Introduction Trivia & Quick Points Particulars Facts & Information: History Culture Travel & Tourism: City Highlights What to Do & See Where to Stay Getting There & Away Getting Around Nepal Travel Guides Related & Relevant Links Image Copyright Note Advertise on this Site - Official Language: Nepali, but English is widely spoken - Area total: 1543 Ha - Latitude/ Longitude: 27° 40' 45.25 " N, 85 ° 19' 37.23" E - Altitude: 1310 m - Calling codes: Nepal country code: 977, City code: 1 - Time Zone: NPT (UTC ) - Currency: Nepali Rupee (NRS) - Climate: Dry season: October - May; Wet (Monsoon) season: June - September.

- Temperature Ranges: Spring: 16-23 deg C Summer: 19 - 27 deg C Fall: 15 - 24 deg C Winter: 2 - 20 deg C - Tourist visa required to enter Nepal; available from entry points such as airports.

It is a fabulous photo and there is no doubt it is definitely St. David Hi David, Thank you very much for this information. Chris Chris, There’s a photo of cars parked on the old station, during the redevelopment of the subway, on SPT’s site. I also recall seeing rooms filled with hundreds of large batteries (large glass jars still filled with acid electrodes).

I presently live far from Glasgow but am intending to visit this Summer so will endeavour to visit the Exchange and see the photograph to which you refer. Chris Unless memory fails me, I seem to recall that before the St. Norman Hi Norman, You are correct about the old station platforms being used as a car park. Enoch Station closed to railway traffic on 27 June 1966 as part of the reorganizationation of the railways undertaken by the then chairman of the British Railways Board, Dr. Subsequently, part of the station was used as a car park. Each battery had a maintenance card showing topping up procedures.

It was described as “the most imposing structure in Glasgow” and with over 200 bedrooms was the city’s largest hotel. The city wanted its new electric lights to be artistic as well as functional. I do not have a Glasgow Directory for that period but I have access to a 1927 issue and there was a National Bank at number 22, William Skinner & Son, Ltd., at number 30 and the Commercial Bank at number 32 St. William Skinner also used to have a branch at 73 Eglinton Street and a long-established bakery and tearoom at 477 Sauchiehall Street on the corner with Newton Street.

Both the station and the hotel were among the first buildings in Glasgow to be lit by electricity. People are traversing the ramp leading up to the station entrance and there are large posters under the canopy featuring enticing destinations. Best wishes, Chris I remember Galloway the Butchers sat underneath the arches of St.

Enoch Square when they told us that our plane was delayed and put us up in the St. To kids from the Glasgow tenements, this was pure luxury!

The poor hotel staff did not know what hit them, all these weans running around their hotel.

The banner across Buchanan Street proclaims the Scottish Industries Exhibition. Hope you don’t mind my mentioning, however, that St Enoch Church was actually demolished in 1926. Just after I left school, I worked in Glasgow and always took the train from St.

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