Stop sex trafficking in cambodia

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* Category includes ratification, accession, or succession to the treaty The Cambodian Constitution was adopted by the Constitutional Assembly in Phnom Penh on 21 September 1993.Relevant Constitutional provisions include: Article 41 Khmer citizens shall have the freedom of expression, press, publication and assembly.

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There have also been reports that protests have consistently been shut down and protesters detained without legal justification.Four current and one former staff member of the NGO called ADHOC were arrested and charged with bribing a witness under Article 548 of the Criminal Code, stemming from ADHOC’s legal representation of an alleged mistress of a leading opposition politician.There have also been calls for NGOs to be suspended or shut down due to allegedly violating the “political neutrality” clause of the LANGO.Article 42 Khmer citizens shall have the right to establish associations and political parties. Khmer citizens may take part in mass organisations for the mutual benefit to protect national achievement and social order.Relevant laws relating to civil society in Cambodia include: Law on Political Parties (1997) (amendmended in 2017); Registration: The LANGO outlines new burdensome registration requirements, but leaves the actual registration procedure to be determined by the Ministry of Interior through administrative orders or Prakas.The LANGO, in particular, has been used by government authorities to break up meetings and trainings conducted by NGOs and community-based organizations.

Authorities have claimed that the LANGO requires groups to receive permission from local authorities before holding meetings, trainings, and other events.International NGOs are subject to reporting requirements on a quarterly basis.The RGC is increasingly applying pressure and intimidation on certain NGOs and the communities in which they work.Procedural safeguards regarding registration are lacking, with the Government having full discretion to deny registration.Advance notification to the state or governmental approval is required for certain activities.Aside the service provision sphere, the environment for NGOs is not enabling.

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