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Joe Lopez personally signed and sent the paper with the above cover letter to each of the organizations listed under the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda email listed in an email received from Juan and Diana Marinez. To those who may say that we are tilting at windmills, we respond that at least we got up and got into the action." This fruitful collaboration of three Tejanos, started with me congratulating Joe Lopez on his wonderful website at I applauded in the November issue.

Holidays were important to us and we created our own family rituals appropriate to each holiday.I remember the nurses in their uniforms standing along the side of the ships cabin. Among the culprits were Paul Montemayor, Dr Xico Garcia, and Henry Lozano. Mama opened the door and was confronted by several men. The second they left, Mama phoned Papa and warned him they were on their way to his office.I was confused and lonely after being the center of attention in my grandmothers house. If anything further resulted from the police harassment, I did not know. Papa would pack us in his car and we would drive south to Mexico.Viewers are invited to rethink issues of immigration, identity formation and the ways local history is presented. Moreover, it is during this most holy of celebrations that we assess where we are now by reviewing the accomplishments of the past year. When the articles are ready to become a book, I believe that inspiration will guide me and the right people and opportunities will present themselves to help in this effort.One of my dreams is to publish these articles about my father and family in a book. I wish all of the Somos Primos readers many blessings this season.May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. Regards, Joe Lopez [email protected] Mimi Lozano, Editor Mercy Bautista Olvera Bill Carmena Lila Guzman Granville Hough John Inclan Galal Kernahan J. Martinez Dorinda Moreno Rafael Ojeda ngel Custodio Rebollo Tony Santiago John P. On the other hand, there will be those within the non-Mexican Hispanic community who believe that the rage is only directed at illegal Mexican immigrants and so theres no reason for them to be concerned since it doesnt affect them or their families. She earned Spanish, special ESL and bilingual training certification, and was an Oral Language Specialist on three federal projects.

Mere words of appreciation fall too short for expressing how much your hard work, support and generosity really means to me . Love Irene Mendez-Tello [email protected], Thanks again for all you do. will understand the key contributions of our Spanish-Mexican ancestors in building this great place we call the U. Schmal Howard Shorr Jack Cowan Sally De Fauw Joel Escamilla Julian Fernandez Lori Frain Gerald Frost Eddie Garcia Lino Garcia Jr. To start, we will need to come up with a system heavily reliant on the internet and the public media to identify, process, and educate our people on those national, regional, state, or local issues that affect them. She co-founded the Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research (SHHAR) in Orange County, CA, a recognized non-profit, all-volunteer organization whose purpose is helping Hispanics and Latinos research their family history.You are one of the greatest assets that we descendants have in telling our great story. With a united front, we will be better able to solve common problems, participate in forming shared goals, and defend ourselves from the anti-Hispanic sentiments and violence that is now being waged against all things Hispanic. Recommend ways that they can address the issue, such as, letter-writing and/or phone call/email campaigns to elected representatives, TV networks and stations, radio stations, newspapers, and community leaders, and: That all who read this paper will commit themselves to influence any organization to which they belong, increasing their groups understanding of the constant and continual contributions of Spanish-surnamed citizens and non-citizens to the welfare of the U. In 1999, she became a member of the Pepperdine University's Hispanic Council of Orange County. Guzman, a Wise Latina Mental Menudo, Los Angeles Group Repatriation Video on You Tube Task force for the Creation of a National Museum for the Latino Community For instance, it was disappointing to hear two Senators from a state with significant Spanish-surnamed constituents mockingly suggest that they were not concerned about a Hispanic voter backlash if they voted against the highly qualified nominee.So, Mama and I crossed the ocean together - destination, USA. Henry and Rosita Lozano, Carmen Lozano, Tina, and Celso Guzman, the Leo Durans became our familys first friends in It was at this apartment house the Lozano family befriended us. Later Papa bought a Frazier, so he took me on house calls. By then, Mama made friends and entertained them with canasta parties at her house. Apparently, I felt threaten by the men because I said, Are you going to hurt my father?I have vague memories of the voyage from Italy to the USA. Maxwell Dunne, owner of an ambulance service kept referring patients to Papa. This is how Papa built up his medical practice and learned how the VA denied the veterans their benefits. Papa entertained his friends with poker parties at home and at his office. One answered no, they just wanted to know where he was.By now, he had upgraded to a Mercury automobile, one of those white and orange models. I remember how long the trips were; the mountains so tall that clouds covered their tips.

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