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Events taking place at Bosworth this summer, remember Members of the Society receive a 20% discount on standard admission tickets to the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre on production of their Membership Card.Join one of Bosworth’s experienced Guides for an informative 2 km guided walk exploring the Battle of Bosworth, the death of King Richard III and the unlikely victory of Henry Tudor.

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From April 2017, after the anniversary of his reburial in March, this is due to change.

The idea behind this is to begin to show pictures related to events throughout Richard’s lifetime, and not just in connection with his reburial.

These will be images of places, surviving buildings, memorials, research projects or other events which commemorate different times in his life, either as Duke of Gloucester or as king.

The finding and reburial of the remains of the king will always be one of the major achievements of the Richard III Society and it is fitting that we remember it, especially in the place where he lies at peace, a place of honour, a place of sanctity, adorned with the banners and heraldry he would have recognised as his own.

As we remember the reburial, let us remember Richard III, King of England and France and Lord of Ireland, as a man of integrity, as a law giver, as a man who cared for his subjects and those who had his trust.

They will be printed off and distributed by the Cathedral authorities at no cost to the Society.

A copy of the information sheet provided by the Society can be viewed here.On Saturday 19th August 2017 at 5.30pm Choral Evensong at Leicester Cathedral will commemorate the anniversary of the death of Richard III. The banners that stand beside the king's tomb will lead the procession carried by members of the Leicestershire branch of the Richard III Society.There will be white rose petals scattered at the graveside in the Richard III Visitor Centre and white roses laid at the statue. There will be a Rose Laying Ceremony at Bosworth Battlefield on Tuesday 22nd August 2017 at 11.00am - 12.00pm.The room is decorated in muted colours and features both a Graham Turner print of Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth as well as a copy of the traditional 16th century portrait which belongs to the National Portrait Gallery.Accompanied by the Lord Mayor of Leicester, Stephen Corrall and Jamie Bowie the owner of the hotel, Philippa said 'I am incredibly honoured to be opening the Richard III themed room at the Belmont as it is my ‘home away from home’ in Leicester.The ceremony will take place at the Bosworth Sundial Memorial to remember all those that died on both sides of the Battle of Bosworth. However, the Dean has asked the Society to supply an information sheet which can be placed on seats for every member of the audience.

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